So with my family talking about sex doesn't happen so can't really ask my sisters who have had kids. After baby how do you keep things hot in the bedroom?

    8Theresa Gould
    I think things in the bedroom are as good or hot as your relationship with your partner is. Keep talking and communicating, compliment and build your partner up, do things you enjoy together, small physical gestures during the day or if you are into "whispering sweet nothings" then do that.

    Romantic dinner at home
    Candles in the bedroom
    New lingerie
    Surprise your partner with something he likes

    Good luck!
      Yes, I'm with Teresa! And for me it was and has been a task because I love my Honey soon much and although I may not be In the mood all the time it's important to put in effort and do things he would like. And if you don't feel sexy. Find something you will feel sexy in. Or that you know he would find you sexy in. Pamper yourself to feel good because when you feel good and you feel you look good /sexy it shows and that can really be sexy to your partner. Massages after a long day, picnic dinners in bedroom or living room floor when little one is asleep. Maybe take a hot bath together. But complimenting each other and listening to romantic songs that you share or shared in earlier times is very helpful and nice reminders of sweet moments too :) Good Luck, oh and don't forget to wear your best accessory. .....Your Smile :)
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