Gah! Sometimes I just want to torture myself

Today I signed up for a triathlon...

Now Im not exactly the fittest person in the world but my gym is putting it on and I thought what the hell... It gives me something to work towards.

In 12 weeks I will be doing a 5km row, 10km run and 15km cycle. Now I can usually do about half of this before I am stuffed so Im gonna have a lot of work to do but the point is to finish - I dont really care about winning...

Did any of you amp up your exercising while TTC? Do you think it made things easier for you?

    8Theresa Gould
    I admire your ambition. I've never had the desire to do any of those runs but then again I have never enjoyed running.

    I have never heard of vamping up exercise while TTC. Brandeor Cassaundra Owenshave you?