Husband's Nerves..

Mamas.. did your hubby or SO feel nervous before or during labor? Was he anxious? Did he get sick? Feel uneasy? Or was he amazing and your biggest supporter?

My hubby was AMAZING. He was nervous.. but I didn't notice a lot.. I had some other things going on.. ha! But overall he was there exactly when and how I needed him!

He did make sure to prep and have his chair around my SHOULDERS, so he didn't see any action down yonder.. haha! It made me laugh :)

    He did good, I'm sure he was nervous but he never let on. He cried with Grace's, but all of them he had the same vantage point as me pretty much lol. He didn't want to look at what was going on. :)
      Melissa Middleton
      He was nervous, he admitted, but he was an awesome supporter. And, of course, he cried once he saw his child. I had a C-Section so he was changing diapers while I rested.
        I had a c-section and Cory faced me with his back to what was going on with baby. Lol he was squeezing my hand so hard until it was over and when they had him go with baby and leave me in the room to close everything up I thought he was going to cry. Lol but if I would have had to go through labor I don't think he would have handled it very well.
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