i hate saying this.

But i am glad im going home.
Gary is on my last nerve.
and doesnt care about my sleep. he said, "I told you to go to bed."
What he ACTUALLY said was," Well get to work then. do it"

he sleep practically ALL day. and is extremely tired and CRANKY when he wakes up. So what he works all night.
Ya know, i am with Kado 24/7! and i never get a break. not even to go to the bathroom or shower.... i am up all day with kado (which is hard and stressful) PLUS i am working on my book HE told me to pursue and doing GARYS freaking laundry that he cant do himself.......
. so the only time i can get real work done is the hour once kado gets in bed. and it doesnt MATTER if i get 3 or 4 hours of sleep a night because I should have went to bed. AND because Gary is tired, "and works all night" well so do i! i have to sleep with kado, stay up with kado, play with kado. in the middle of the night. when i sleep with him, i cant fully sleep or get rest because i am constantly worrying about crushing him, him rolling OR crawling off the bed. i NEVER get to sleep alone or feel like i got any rest. but it doesnt matter.
so forgive me for trying to make everyone proud.
i officially quit.

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    8Theresa Gould
    I'm sorry. Can you talk to Gary about how you feel and try to work out something better for all of you?
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