Bedtime Routine!

Mamas.. care to share your baby's bedtime routine?

I will go through Monroe's!

Whenever we feel like he's getting sleepy.. anywhere from 7-8pm.. my husband and I take turns each night getting his bath and everything ready, then the other bathes him! We get the water warm and full in his tub.. get a cup ready, wet his wash cloth, lay out his jammies, hair brush, lotion and a new diaper... then we change him, plop him in his tub.. he LOVES his bathes.. post bath he gets all lotion'ed up, fresh jammies and a good hair brushing.. the other one of us has gotten his bottle ready by this time.. we let him eat, he typically begins to doze off.. then we burp him, chat with him a bit and play.. wait until he rubs his eyes a few times.. then we kiss him goodnight, whisk him off to bed and plop him in his crib! :)

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