House Update...

So my parents ended up not qualifying for the house they applied for. I felt awful about it. I know my parents want to get out of this house and find something less expensive but I fear they (well, my mom) are acting too quickly. Supposedly there is a house for rent by an older couple in the next town and my mom said we could probably move in within a month or two but I wish they would just wait. The winters are harsh here, especially in a log cabin with no real insulation. My mother doesn't want to spend another winter in this house but I really feel like it would give my parents time to look around and find a good home they can stay in for good. For as long as I could remember, my parents have always been flightly when it comes to moving somewhere else. They don't really look for a long time and as soon as they find something they think looks nice, it turns out to be something they didn't want. I just want them to take their time and really look for something they want instead of going for the first thing that looks good. But it's their choice and all I can do is be supportive. Hopefully something will work out.

    Well right now we technically live in Hamilton county and corporate rentals are just too expensive for my parents. They want to look into this place in Greenfield but I just don't know. I know their financial situation is tough. I understand my mom feels like it's do or die but it's really not. We had a fixed electric bill last year of $266 a month for 12 months. But my mom is worried that since last year was so bad, it's gonna be upwards of $400 a month this next year. But I really don't think it will. I dunno. My mom's just really upset right now and talking to her doesn't do much. I just wish she'd sit down and really think about this before making any crazy decisions.
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        8Theresa Gould
        I hope they think a little more about it before making their decision. Debi suggested something that might work if you contact a realtor for a rental list and then present that to them. How can they refuse and hopefully their curiosity will get the better of them and they will want to check some of them out!?
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