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I had a friend who just lost her little boy (10mos old) a few weeks ago. I don't know what she's going through because i have never lost a child to death. When i lost my boyfriend a year ago i was devastated. So i know she must be 1000 times worse. I went to his memorial service and helped out when i was called upon to do so, but i just feel like i need to do more. A locket with my boyfriends picture in it helped me after his death so i was wondering if it would be appropriate to find a locket and have pictures of her son placed in it then gift her with it along with a poem or two. I'm worried about giving it to her though. That hole is deep that she is in now and i'd hate to make it worse by giving it too soon or to late. I've already been on etsy looking and i think i found one but i really want some input on whether its okay or if i'm overstepping my bounds.

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    You are very thoughtful. I'm so sorry for your friend's loss. I think your gesture is a nice one. I think she would appreciate it, though I suspect she'll cry with sorry and gratefulness. I know I would.
      Thank you ladies! She's gotten a lot of plants from people. So I don't want to give her more of those and she's staying with her mother right now because I don't think she can be in her house even though she and her sister packed up his things and put them in storage. Owl was the theme of his nursery when he was born and I found a locket with an owl on it. @Deb your comment just confirmed it. Thank you all very much for your input I needed the reassurance that I was doing something good and not setting off an emotional firestorm.
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