Scoot before.. Crawl!

Mamas.. do you remember your baby scooting before crawling? :)

Monroe seems to have mastered scooting backwards and around in a circle quite well.. but now.. now we wait for THE CRAWL.. hehe! Do you remember this too?

    Latosha Balkman
    My daughter scooted until she walked, no crawling at all! I thought it was weird and cute.
      Melissa Middleton
      Yes, and I would say the back scoot is hilarious. He also does the bottom up in the air scoot, causing him to look like an inch worm. He may get it quickly or he may get it later. Once he pushes himself up on his hands and starts to rock back and forth, he is preparing for "the crawl."
      We get the sundial formation scoot as well. The waiting for "the crawl" is anticipating. But, once they learn to crawl, you are in deep trouble. Lol

      I helped raise some of my nieces and nephews.

      One nephew, my sister's lab got on the ground and crawled with him. It was so cute.
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        Melissa Middleton
        Yeah, they look like little inch worms. Lol
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