Your bullying story

One of the big topics when you have a school aged child is bullying. Let's face it, kids can be mean.

This isn't something new, kids were mean a log time ago when I was in school. They were mean before that too.

Were you ever bullied? How did you deal with it?

I was never really bullied, but like everyone I got picked on. The only serious bullying I ever dealt with was when a girl slapped me during gym and I pushed her down the bleachers. We both got in trouble and suspended, after that everything was fine.

I wouldn't suggest this as a way to deal with it though, lol.

    Oh man I used to get so bullied and it turned me into a bully. I was tall and skinny when I was little and people were always making fun of me for looking like a boy. Even adults at I came from a home with an addict and any of the kids the lived near us were always making fun of me because we always had the police at our house. I eventually had enough an started beating the living daylights out of people, after that the bullying stopped. It's not how I would recommend dealing with it but back then the schools and parents didn't really deal with bullying at all. They didn't really see it as an issue.
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