Dear White Moms

I was reading this article and it touched me. I wanted to share it with you ladies because no matter what color we are this is a very important topic. Let me know what you think about the article!

    That whole thing makes me so angry I am shaking! I have very strong opinions about this whole thing that might shock people. And my husband who happens to be black is in total agreement. This whole "unarmed black kid" is so much made up racism it's not even funny! This "unarmed kid" attacked a police officer while the officer was still in his car. There are so many examples of REAL racism in the world that to make stuff up just so the parents and organizations can make money off of lawsuits, completely makes the real racism that happens in this country seem less legit. Instead of making the world a better place for my children it is making it a place where the only cases of racism that we tackle are ones that money can be made from even if we have to create the racism...grrrr I could so go on and on!
    Him and his friend were walking down the middle of the street so the officer tried to stop them and before he could get out of the car he went after the officer, tried to get the officers gun, a shot went off and then him and his friend ran. The friend was trying to get into the passenger side if the car. The officer got out of his car, told them to stop and the friend hid behind a car while the guy that got shot started walking toward the officer, he was about 6-7 feet away when he was shot but he was refusing to stop. The officer shot him not knowing that he was unarmed because he never got the chance to check. This guy had already attacked him and was now refusing to stop. I would have shot too. The officer went to the hospital with a swollen face because of the attack of this "unarmed kid" if it were a case if racism then why didn't the other friend get shot? Plus this officer has worked for that same department for 6 years with no disciplinary actions.
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