"Family" Outings....

I put it in quotations because every time we try to plan an outing, it's like we're complete strangers. I'm over it. Everybody wants to do something that appeals to them, instead of thinking about others. My dad loves the outdoors and stuff, my mom doesn't. My dad is kewl with long walks and relaxing, my mom wants something interactive. It's a constant battle! I really just want to say screw it, I'll take Clara and we'll go on our own. Clara and I can make any place fun. The only problem is, WE NEVER GET THERE!!! We have all been confined to the house more since I left my job so I don't understand why everyone is being so picky. Yes, it's going to be hot. Yes, there is a chance for rain all day. But we all need to get out, as a family. So stop acting like you're younger than my three year old daughter and get out there!!!

Vent over....

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