What are the best places to shop for back to school supplies?

Have you found any great deals this year for back to school supplies?

Spencers had (maybe still do) their back packs 50% off. I know Walmart had some deals but I stay away from there for sanity's sake. Usually we hit Target up but last year they had a terrible selection.

Where do or did you shop this year for back to school stuff?

    depending where you are I would say jc Penney, sears, or target are some good places. A tip though I would suggest waiting until classes start because last year we spent a ton on supplies just to find out they didn't need half of what we bought but they did need other items. So unless the school has given you a list of items that you need, wait until the first day or two than you will know exactly what you need. Other than of course backpack paper or notebooks pens or pencils.
      I saw some adorable backpacks in Spencers. Wal-Mart usually has pretty good prices, and sometimes Office Max (or is it Depot? I get them confused) runs some really good specials.
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