Dividing Chores

How do you and your partner divide the chores? I find this a little difficult, because I stay at home, so, the housework is my job...but not all of it. He lives in our house, so he has responsibility to do some cleaning up. Normally, he puts away the dinner leftovers, puts clean dishes away, watches the children, cleans when I ask, take care of the automobile, and fix things around the house.

    Melissa Middleton
    My hubby does the outside maintenance work (i.e. mowing the law, weed-eating,van repairs, and trimming bushes and trees). However, he forgets to pick up after himself, which drives me crazy. I am a stay at home mom so I clean the house. But, I would appreciate those who can pick up after themselves to do so.
      I do all the chores at home since I'm a stay at home mom and hubby works 15 hours daily and his almost never home. Just like my 10 year old He never picks up after himself either so its like l have 3 kids instead of 2 which is very frustrating. I sometimes even have to cut the grass unless his off work.
        The majority of everything is mine. Hubby has to take out the trash, but sometimes I do that too. He'll have to take care of the yard when we own too.
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