When would you consider taking a job outside the home?

I never wanted to work outside the home, thus the reason for starting my own business to work from home when my husband experienced a lay off in 2008. The only reason I took on the paper routes is because I am basically still working for myself, I control my hours to a point, my children can go with me and am gone in the early hours of the morning when my family is still asleep.

I am also apprenticing to become a midwife so that takes me out of the home on Thursdays, for births and the odd other time for home visits and postpartum visits.

I did go to an interview at our town's chamber of commerce for a part-time position but I am struggling if she says she wants to hire me. It will mean two full days out of the home a week, with a third day being added and one of those days is Thursdays when most of my midwife schedules her prenatals. I don't want to give up going to prenatals when I have just started. The thing is we need the income and my husband is not getting any bites on the positions he applies for. We both applied to two jobs right here in town and I am the one who got called for an interview. It is getting frustrating. Maybe he should take up snow plowing this winter or something!?

Anyhoo...when would you consider taking a job outside the home?

8Theresa GouldChicago, Illinois
    I would consider it for the right job, like psychology when I get my degree. Otherwise, I prefer to work inside the home.
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