I can't find the article right now, but I was reading about a mom who found pictures on her daughters phone. There were both sent and received messages and photos that were of a sexual nature. The article didn't go into details but did say one of the people she was talking to was over 18.

The mom called the cops.

In the comments section it was pretty divided as to if people would have done the same. Some said the mom could have had her labeled as a sex offender and should have handled it privately. Others said good for mom, this was a safety issue.


    Melissa Middleton
    Well, I would be infuriated, disgusted, and disappointed with her (God please never let her do that).I would have confronted my daughter about the images. I would, more than likely, report the man (over eighteen) to the authorities because he can prey on other young females if I don't.
    In this day and age, stuff like that could get her raped, sending sexual pictures to other men.
    Now, my hubby would probably hunt the man down...and would be furious with my daughter.

    I would also confiscate the phone. The only way she would get one is if she were eighteen, out on her own, and paying for it for herself because that behavior isn't allowed in my home, especially with younger siblings.

    I truly hope my daughter never resorts to this form of behavior though.
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