Best toys for a 1 year old.

Push Toy:

A push toy helps unsteady new walkers feel a little more stable and allows the child to see some of the benefits of walking without the risk.

Nesting or Stacking Toy :

There's something about getting one object to fit into another that just gives your 1-year-old a kick and it works his motor skills.

Shape Sorter :

Children work on hand-eye coordination and learn how objects with similar properties go together.

Musical Instruments:

Making noise is the number-one thing on any 1-year-old's to-do list.
If parents can stand it, instruments are fabulous for learning causality.

Bath Toy :

At this point, your baby probably doesn't need convincing to linger in the bath. After all the washing's been done, turn bathtime into playtime.


The ultimate creative toy, blocks offer infinite opportunities for freeform play, and hone motor skills.

Board Book:

Board books are hard to destroy, so they're great for this age, Sitting down with a book and having that special time together is so important, plus kids are learning language skills by figuring out that those squiggles on the page have meaning.

Pull Toy:

If your 1-year-old isn't yet a confident walker, give her the motivation to keep working on those gross motor skills with a pull toy. Pull toys also allow kids to practice their balance while having fun.

Ball :

Now that your babe is standing, he'll work his motor skills by bouncing, throwing, and dropping (and dropping and dropping) a soft, textured ball.

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