"The Talk"

As I mentioned before, my Husband and I have decided to try for a baby. I Did NOT want another one and new the ONLY reason we would talk a year after having Benjamin was because my Husband DID want another one. After hearing my thoughts he said they were valid, but felt his reasons for wanting another one were too. At first I was devastated! I felt like God and my Husband didn't care about my thoughts.

The next day I shared my concerns with my Husband and told him what I wanted to happen differently if we were going to try for another one. He agreed and slowly I am getting more excited about having another one.

The one victory I was given was originally I wanted to wait one more year to try (I will be 37 this September), but my Husband didn't want to wait that long. SO, I asked if we could start "trying" in January of next year (4 months from now) He agreed.

I am now retaking the prenatal and folic acid and just PRAYING God will give me another healthy baby. I have Spina Bifida and I just have to trust God will work everything out.

    I am in almost the same situation. I didn't want any more and neither did my husband. I will be 37 next month and just didn't want to go through it again. But as we were talking I could tell my husband wanted another one and slowly I came around and now we are pregnant and I couldn't be more thrilled. God has His own perfect way of working everything out.
      He will come through for you. I wish you the best of luck and am so glad to hear you guys came to a good compromise.
        Thanks everyone! REALLY hoping to be pregnant by March or April of next year. I just don't want it delayed too long, LOL.
        I'm feeling a little better about it and know God will give us the best outcome. I'm also (already) mentally preparing for my relative's reaction. They're are some who think I'd be pushing my luck wanting to have another healthy child. They have the opinion that I might have a child with a disability (just because I have Spina Bifiida) . I've already decided that My Mom will tell them when I'm pregnant. LOL, I'll let her deal with them ;)
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