Are fries bad?

Elise wont eat baked sweet potatoes or regular potatoes because they are too soft. So I fry them she loves them but Is it bad for her?

    I totally get the texture thing. I'm the same way. I've been pretty lucky getting a crisp to baked fries with a tiny bit of olive oil basted on top. I recently talked to my friend about oils (she's nutritionist) and this is what she told me:

    1. We need oils/fats in our diet. Especially for children because it promote brain development and healthy hair/skin.
    2. We need to choose HEALTHY oils. Olive, peanut, and canola oils all are good choices because they help maintain cholesterol and have some antioxidants.
    3. Use in moderation. You just need enough to lightly coat the food you're cooking with. Whether deep frying or pan frying, make sure the oil is at a high heat so it crisps the outside of the food first. That way the oil won't soak in and you only get a little bit of oil on the outside of the finished product. A good pat down with a paper towel helps too.
    4. Avoid salt. It's tasty, but not always necessary if you're frying flavorful foods like sweet potatoes.

    So I think it's fine as long as you're careful :)
    Thank you Taylor that was really informative.