From cranky to cute!

Avery is cutting two molars and it's been a tough few days. Today wasn't any better. She was constantly crying and whining. It didn't matter if she was being held or not. We tried playing with her favorite toys, watching her favorite shows, and giving her some of her favorite snacks. We went to the park, the garden, and the store. Nothing helped. I felt like I hadn't seen her smile in days!

Then all the sudden I realized that she hadn't hardly peed all day. We were having trouble getting her to drink water because her mouth hurt, but she was still taking sips. I don't think it was enough though. All day today I think she only peed twice! I knew I had to get some liquid in her so I added a squirt of honey to her water. At first she wasn't interested but after a sip she downed half the bottle! She was still really cranky though and I thought it must not have helped. Then she peed and suddenly she was all smiles! She played and danced and giggled. It was crazy!

The poor girl was just thirsty but her mouth hurt too bad to drink. The incentive of a little honey made it worth the pain I guess. She's all better now!

I just wanted to share with anyone else who has teething kids. Make sure they stay hydrated! It makes a huge difference!

    Aww, sweet Avery! I hope she keeps feeling better. Thanks for sharing the honey trick, never heard of that..
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