After being sent home from the hospital 8/15 due to not dilating, I started having contractions at home around 9 pm. My husband was playing video games and didn't notice so I feel asleep in between contractions. Later, he woke me up asking if he could play another round. Sure, so contractions started up again and when he came to bed at 11:30 he noticed I was in more pain than before and suggested we time them even though I thought they were irregular. They were exactly 4 minutes apart and painful. We debated going to the hospital again in fear of being sent home again, but ended up deciding . We arrived around 2 am and got checked. I was 7 cm when I got there. By 2:30 I had a room. My contractions were painful, but I kept breathing through them while killing my husband's hand. He didn't say hardly anything but he was constantly there during my contractions. Having a midwife was nice as well because she massaged my back. My midwife says I handled the contractions very well. At 6 am, I was 9.5 cm and my midwife broke my water. Of course my contractions got stronger... I wasn't nearly as nice. With every contraction I would yell and say I couldn't do it and it was torture. I started pushing a little to try and get the last .5 cm to clear out of the way. 7:30 my midwife had me start pushing... this is when I got super nice - not. I told my midwife and nurse several times to stop touching me. I was in pain but didn't know what I wanted... this is when my husband started being amazing. As I was pushing, he was kissing my forehead telling me how close I was and that I could do it. It was wonderful, but awful at the same time. 8:14 am on August 16th Devlin Eugene was born. He was 8 lbs 5 oz, 20 inches. His head was 14.25 inches. He got 9-10 on his APGAR. I ended up with a second degree tear and I do have stitches, but it's not too bad... Completely natural. I didn't even get an IV. We are breastfeeding and he gets the concept but it turns out he is tongue tied so it is pretty painful for me, frustrating for him. We are getting it fixed this week. And while I wasn't going to co-sleep, he has already ended up in bed with me once. Just thought I would update you!!

    Oh congrats! Great job :-)
      Melissa Middleton
      Oh, that is so awesome! Congrats on your new edition.
      I, too, swore I would never co-sleep, but it happens. Lol
      I hope you start feeling better soon. :)
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