Talking to your child about death

This can be a really hard topic to tackle with children. It's hard to know exactly how much they understand when you try to explain death to them.

My daughter had a hamster that died. We gave him a proper burial and I even said a eulogy for him, lol. I think that's when she really understood death, but before then it was a foreign concept.

With my son he just asked a whole lot of questions. Somehow he got in his head that when we turn 100 years old we die. That was a hard one to explain, that even sometimes young people die, it doesn't have to do with age. For the longest time he kept mentioning turning 100 and then dying.

Have you talked to your children about death?

    Melissa Middleton
    We have not, as far I know. My step-daughter's grandfather passed away when she was a baby an uncle not too far after--she may have been a toddler when the uncle passed away.

    When our cat passed away, she would ask for a long time about him. We just kept telling her "he is in heaven with Jesus." She eventually started saying that as well. I am not sure she grasps the concept of death.
      My little brothers babysitter died on the train tracks. Camdyn was 3, he didn't really understand but Everytime we met someone new for the longest time he'd say Brian's dead Brian died. I'm glad he's out of that habbit now.
        I wonder where he got the 100 thing from. It's a conversation I know I will need to have at some point in the future, but I am really unsure how it'll work.
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