Did your infant go to childcare?

Mamas.. did you have to go back to work within 6-8 weeks post baby?

If so, did your baby go to someone you knew? family? daycare? in home childcare?

How did you feel leaving them? Did it work out the first go round?

I am blessed that I either get to stay home and work with Monroe here OR get to take him along to the studio with me.. so blessed. Share your situation!

    My daughter was in daycare from 6 weeks - 6 months old and then from 6-12 months the mother of a friend of mine watched her. Once she was a year old her father watched her while I worked right up until she started kindergarten. Once she started school she stayed in their after school program. I will be returning to work when my son turns 6 weeks but my brother, who is unemployed and currently staying with me will be watching him until he finds a job. Once that happens he'll be put in daycare.
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