Do you trust your children's pediatrician?

I think this is a tough subject for a lot of parents. we want to trust the medical professionals in our children's lives, but when you don't it can be stressful.

My daughters first pediatrician had horrible bedside manner. He came recommended from another mom but I just didn't like him.

I switcher her to another one who she had for many years. It was a group and I liked every single doctor they had. The wait times were ridiculous though, at least an hour every time we went. I was hesitant to switch, but I did.

Now they have a pediatrician that I 100% trust. This guy is really good, takes his time, answers all questions and the wait int he waiting room is never too long!

How do you feel about your kids pediatrician?

    I love my Kids pediatrician. There was a time that we had to switch Doctors because their Regular one didn't take the insurance I had at that time. I refuse to switch again. I am going to hate it when theirs retires. The Doctor we she I was around him for years before I had Jade. He specializes in preemie babies. My sister had super preemies and he was so awesome and never just immediately goes for medication. That is his last resort. Which is one thing I love about him
      I love my kids Dr. I have been taking them there their whole lives. They have complete respect for me as a parent when it comes to their health. They are always helpful if I call with questions and concerns they get back to me before the close of business. Thankfully I have yet to find a reason to switch. Being that I am going to school for pediatrics, I enjoy going to their Dr and gaining an outside perspective of what's to come.
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