Do you Ebay?

I absolutely love Ebaying, it's so much fun. Do you sell things on Ebay? If so, what do you sell? What has been your best seller?

I sold a lot of like 20 Nintendo 64 games for over $400, that's been my best sale. Mostly I do clothes though. Every once in a blue moon I will do electronics, I sold a laptop recently on there... but the market on there is flooded with electronics.

It's really easy! The first thing I would do is to search for what you want to sell on the site so you know about what to expect as a listing price. Also I would study the shipping options so that you know how to charge for shipping. I almost always use USPS and they will give you free boxes if you order them online or go to the post office. Here's a link for that:

I always use the flat rate boxes, it's the easiest way to ship things. And in most cases it's the cheapest.

Once you have looked up your item or items and have your shipping figured out then it is really easy to list on the site. It basically walks you through the process of making a title, adding pictures, adding descriptions and sometimes will even suggest a start point for pricing.

If you decide to do it and have questions let me know! It's really a fun way to make money!
    I use to use ebay all of the time many years ago. I haven't used it in years though.
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