Baby Sunscreen!

Mamas.. what baby sunscreen do you use?

Do you love it?

Hate it?

Works so so?

We just started using Aveeno Baby 55+ on Monroe this Summer.. and I cannot say enough great things about it! I wanted to stay in the family of products that we already used on him, hoping he wouldn't have a reaction or anything.. it's just like his lotion, goes on SO well, so soft, so moist, smells amazing.. he loves having it put on!

Moms Expertise
    We used Johnson & Johnson on Tristen because that is the only thing for babies that the store we were at had at the time. It worked ok but I hated it. It didn't rub in and was SO hard to wash off. Now we have a kid spray on kind since he is a little older. It's much better.
      We use the same kind, Aveeno Baby 55.
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