Why is it that everything that tastes good

...is bad for you? I hate dieting so I try not to do it too much. Instead I do portion control but don't limit myself when it comes to the food I like.

Well... not I need to start eating less sodium. BOO. If you look up the diets for people with high blood pressure basically I can eat legumes. (sad face)

I can't survive off of legumes, let's be real. But why does yummy food have to be bad for us?

    Look into trim healthy mama.. One of my friends is having great success and she hasn't given up any food.
    Just buy different salt. Get pik himalayan instead of regular- it has tons of health benefits.
      I find if I don't eat *bad* food for a couple weeks (that's the hard part..) That I don't crave it as much. Once I do though... Oh man, bring it on.
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