What a long weekend

Phew it's over and I didn't get a chance to get online much at all this weekend. On Friday night we had the neighbor kids here too and they were playing with the Fritch kids so it was a zoo around here, I ordered pizza's for them to eat because I didn't feel like cooking I was here by myself with all the kids (15 in total, which was fine with me I didn't mind). Every time I tried to do something that needed to be done here one of the kid's needed something and I got nothing done. I went to bed around 11 on Friday night and on Saturday woke up just before 8 so I got to sleep in (during the school year Saturday is the ONLY day I get to sleep in), got ready to go to the store and I forgot my grocery list so I had to come back home and get it which took up some time but I was still ok at that point. The second time I got home Sara wanted to go with me so I took her and she helped me with the shopping which helped me out because I was just lagging behind and she would go get things and put it in the cart for me.

I got back home and got all the groceries put away, Emily and Sara put them away for me and I went to relax a little bit. I made the kids lunch and let them go outside and play while I started tidying up the house, I got the kitchen, family room and bathrooms cleaned, one of my biggest pet peeves is a messy bathroom. So after getting everything tidy i laid down for a nap and fell asleep for about an hour while the kids were outside playing, Emily came and woke me up and told me they were going to a friend's house down the street she is always good about telling me where she's going. I woke up and had Cody and Aubrey sleeping next to me, I changed their diapers and checked on the kids outside, at this point Jordan was in charge of watching the kids if I was doing something else so I checked on them and he was playing catch with the football with Jason, Aiden and Nick so everything was good, Sara was with Emily and Chloe was outside with the boys. I love how my kids step up and take charge when they know I'm busy.

Saturday went pretty good just a long day with a lot to do, we cooked out on the grill, I had hamburgs, hot dogs and chicken and 7 kids since Emily and Sara were gone with their friend's. Jordan's friend called and came over and they played with Jason and Aiden, I had the rest of the kids come in the house so I could start getting their baths because at this point it was about 7:00. The rest of the night went pretty good.

I woke up around 6:00 on Sunday and got my bath in and got dressed for Church, Tim and the kids got up a little while later and we all went to the 9:30 mass, we went to McDonald's after Church because I didn't feel like cooking and we had all the kids with us, we sat in the play room and let the little one's play. There were a few other kids there and they all played pretty good. We did yard work and got the grass cut and the weeds whacked yesterday, Tim cut the grass and Jordan did the weeds. After that I laid down for a nap and got a good nap in which always helps me. We stayed home and had a family day yesterday, Tim's working six days now with only one day off and we've decided that Sunday's are officially Family Day's now.

Today I woke up at my usual 5:30 and got ready, got the kids up and off to school, went and paid the water bill and paid the DirecTV bill online. It's just after 11am and I'm thinking about what to make for lunch for these 4 little one's I got here with me and myself. It was a pretty long weekend and being that my laptop died and I can only use this computer for now which is in our bedroom I can't just sit anywhere and be online lol.

I hope you ladies are having a good Monday, mine is going pretty good.

9Michelle FritchBellevue, Nebraska
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    9Michelle Fritch
    I love it Laura, to me this is a lot of fun I love kids so much. Thanks for the compliment :-).
      8Theresa Gould
      At least you got a good night's sleep on Friday night and a nap in...those are great things in the midst of busyness!
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