I heard about this particular herb called "Fenugreek" It is used to promote increased breastmilk, but I also heard it can jump start labor? Has anyone heard about this before?

Latosha BalkmanColumbus, Georgia
    I've heard of fenugreek, but not about it jumpstarting labor. I know evening primrose oil can.
      8Theresa Gould
      Here's what Shonda Parker had to say about it:

      "Fenugreek and Breastfeeding
      Q. I'm pregnant and nursing and wondered if it's okay to drink fenugreek tea (which helps boost the milk production) and mother's milk tea? If you need a list of what herbs are in mother's milk tea, I can give them to you---as though you would automatically know what's in it!

      A. Fenugreek tea is not contraindicated during pregnancy or breastfeeding, although use in the last trimester may cause a false positive for maple urine disease in mom’s baby during the PKU screening test. I would probably choose to use milk thistle to boost my milk production, which could also benefit mom experiencing other pregnancy discomforts as well."

      I'm going to email my midwife and see what she has to say as well.
        Ever Lopez
        no, but i had heard that you take those kind of herbs after you give birth, if you can do more research on it before using it please do so! i try something that was send to me from Colombia and i didn't ask more about it i just knew it was to increase breast milk, i used it 3 month before giving birth just to find out i had diabetes due to that i was supposed to use it a month after giving birth!
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