Mean kids

One thing your child WILL encounter if they go to school is mean kids.

What do you think makes a mean kid the way they are?

I heard a mom yelling at her child to "Shut up!" in a store yesterday and I couldn't help but to feel sorry for that child. And then I thought to myself "That child could easily grow up to be just as mean as her mother." Was I being judgy? Yeah, I was. I admit it.

Do you think setting an example and being mean tot he child, or other people in front of the child makes them mean?

Is it more about personality?

Maybe being over indulgent?

    I think it can stem from all of those things, but I also think sometimes it just *IS.* We all have different brain chemistry and the... shoot, what's it called... the part of your brain that handles aggression... amygdala! can vary in size. A head injury can also make for a mean kid, as can types of psychopathy that are present consistently through life and not caused by trauma.

    I know some kids who were raised by crazy mean parents... who are so sweet now because they remember how it made them feel.

    I think it really depends on a ton of factors.
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