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who has got their wisdom pull out or cut out

    I've had all of mine pulled and they were impacted too. They give you a numbing shot, although you may be awake during the process you wont see anything nor feel anything. However, I highly recommend you immediately after leaving the office going straight to get your prescription filled. Once the numbing wore off, I was in a lot of pain and I became very swollen. Now not to make you fearful or worry as I've had some friends that experienced practically no pain..... everyone is different. Just be sure to share your concerns with your Dr. and follow their instructions. You will be fine. :)
      8Theresa Gould
      I got mine out when I was 19. I was in pain and had cheeks puffed up like a chipmunk!
        Typically with wisdom teeth they have to be extracted. If they are fully erupted then can be easily taken out. Most wisdom teeth though are impacted or growing in different directions. I've seen some on xrays growing up into the sinus cavity. There is no real reason to have your wisdom teeth. If they are causing pain then get those suckers extracted. They can have the tendency to lean on the tooth next to it and cause crowding on the lower teeth as well. If you are having "ear pain", it can be the wisdom teeth pushing up against a nerve.
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