Panic attacks in the tub

My daughter has always had her little querks and they make life interesting, but lately she has been starting to be afraid of taking a bath. Nothing drastic has happened, one day she loved bubble baths and the next she has almost a full panic attack with hives and everything else. No allergic reaction it's all in her mind, started taking her to see a child therapist but it's not having any effect. Any ideas on how to help her.

NicolePerry, New York
    My friend's daughter had the same problem. She tried explaining all the steps of a bath and that when the water goes down the drain she and her toys could not, she tried new toys/bubbles, role play (mermaid, pirate, nemo, scuba diver, etc.), tried showers, having someone else in the bathtub with her...nothing worked. In the end her daughter just got over it one day. She tried teaching deep breathing (in through the nose/smell the flower, out through the mouth/blow the candle). I wish there was more I could suggest! Maybe one day she will decide it is ok...good luck!
      8Theresa Gould
      I am not sure either. It doesn't make sense to me why she all of a sudden started not liking baths. Hope Elizabeth's ideas help.
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