Do you correct other peoples children?

I will never forget when I was a teen and working at Target. There was a child climbing in and out of the bag well (where they pack your stuff into bags) at the cash register. He would stand up in it and then jump as far as he could out of it. I was pretty scared he would hurt himself so I said to him "Hey buddy, let's not jump off the bagging area, ok?"

I got so cussed out by the mom. Obviously it was bad, I remember it almost 20 years later, lol.

This is when I learned that you just don't correct other peoples children. Even if you are worried they will hurt themselves, mind your own business. It would have to be immediate danger before I stepped in, otherwise I defer to the parent and don't say anything.

How about you?

    4Ariel LaCoste
    Well if they aren't a danger to others or a real danger to themselves, like running out into traffic, then no I don't say anything. However there have been times we have been at a play place in the mall or at a playground and there are just mean kids. One time we were at the mall in the kids little jungle gym area and there was a boy who hit Sage. Well the first time I just took Sage and lead her elsewhere to play. Well the boy followed her and hit her again. So I went up to him and told him it wasn't nice to hit and that if he couldn't play nicely that I was going to go talk to his mother. He stopped after that. It really does bother me when kids don't keep an eye on their kids and let them act out. I may have my hands full with four kids but I still manage to always have my eye on them.
      Alyssa Martinez
      Yes. If a child is out of control and the parent is just standing there I correct it. The parent may become mad but who cares. I am very outspoken and sometimes the child needs someone else to tell them what to do.
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