How does having a baby change your marriage?

Weigh in, ladies... What's different between the two of you since adding a little one to the picture?

I think the changes can even start during planning.. if sex becomes a chore or a science rather than just fun time.

So what else changes once you achieve the big P?

    Melissa Middleton
    We have not been on a date since my son was born. Most of our conversations center around his toots, diapers, how much the kids can consume, poo, odd smells...yeah. Lol

    The house never stay cleans for longer than 30 minutes, restaurants with a drive thru becomes the only option when on the road, taking a trip, or going out to eat. Also, say adios to sleep because that becomes a foreign concept. You'll also worry more than you used to.

    However, it's all worth it. ;)
      Honestly the kids haven't changed our marriage. It has changed our day to day life because after kids I stay home but other than that everything has been the same. For us our kids just seemed to fit so well into our lives that it is almost like they have been with us since the beginning...which they almost have lol maybe that's why it doesn't seem different.
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