Do you let your kids use your electronics?

Do yu allow your children to use your electronics? I'm thinking things like digital camera, cell phone, computer, Kindle. I will share my cell phone and my Kindle, but the rest is off limits! I very rarely will let them use my computer, mostly because the computer is how I work and if they messed it up I would cry big fat tears. They have their own (older model) laptops though.

    My boys are allowed to play Disney Infinity, my iphone with supervision and Star Fall on the computer with me sitting next to them. Other than that the rest is off limits. My husband and I have been debating about getting the boys a computer for them to share but to put it in the family area and can only be used under a close watchful eye. The reason why is because starting in Preschool they have the kids starting on computers already. In Katy ISD they have the kids starting in Kindergarten, taking their assessment tests. The only problem with that is if a child doesn't know how to navigate a computer, then how well will they do on their tests? That kind of freaked me out last year when I found that out.
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