Do you wear makeup?

One part of trying to conceive I actually like thinking about when it comes to TTC is how to get pretty and try to keep the moments special.

Makeup isn't what makes a woman pretty. It can be her body or her soul, but I know a lot of us do put on makeup from time to time. I like red lipstick, or sometimes red lipstain. What about you?

Do you? What's your favorite item?

    I wear makeup everyday. It just makes me feel better and I know my husband likes it. Everyday is a little different as far as what I put on but I do it everyday. When my son was first born I didn't put any on for like a month and it's amazing how grumpy I felt. I started doing my makeup again and realized it helped make me not feel in the Mommy rut.
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      Have you found a good one? I bought the under eye roller thingy in the Walgreens off-brand (supposed to "compare to" the Garnier Nutrisse) but I feel like there are probably better ones. Which do you use?
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