Awesome Video (but!)

I saw this video on a mommy page, and I thought it sent a good message. First comment: "Was so waiting for "I circumcise, I don't circumcise" VERY glad to see that wasn't promoted as a "parental choice".

Gods, that make me mad! It is a choice of the parent as well! I replied: Even if it was up there, it is no ones business. The message is to be kind and respect a parent for the choices they feel are best for their family, whether you think it is a "good" or "bad" decision.

To be told: Its not a decision, its a human rights violation. And its everyones business as it effects the world as a whole. Sorry, not sorry! I will always stand up for and promote equal human rights, that are being masked as "parental" or "personal" choices.

Now, I have a lot of family on Facebook, and because they've made it that comments show on other peoples feed, I didn't reply to that. But my little brother had to be circed when he was 13 years old. I never want my son to have to go through what he did, because he was so sore and miserable. If you ask him, he wished it had been done at birth like my older brother's. That's my choice based on personal experiences, not to be judged. This video is about respecting the choices a parent makes in what they view as the child's best interest. Share the love, end mommy wars, be respectful. <3

*Sorry for ranting... Enjoy the video, though!*…

    8Theresa Gould
    I agree with respecting each side and ending the mommy wars.
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