Went to my second birth - another boy!

I went to my second birth and another baby boy was born. Mama and baby are doing great. I wanted to cry with the mama as she was in the pushing stage...I remember those feelings so well. I think I have to develop thicker skin or something because I want to get emotional with the moms. Any doulas out there experience the same thing?

I was up for 30 hours straight between yesterday morning and today. Hubby had to come help me on the paper route because I would have fallen asleep had I had to drive the whole routes. Actually I was falling asleep that's when I called him to tell him he had to drive me! Then when we got home I slept for 7.5 hours straight, only waking up very briefly once. I have not had that long of sleep since my pregnancy loss last year.

We have another mama due in August and she's already "overdue" by a week and a bit. I feel very privileged to attend these births.

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    8Theresa Gould
    I hope so because I have to hold it back and I'm looking at the other ladies to see if they are getting emotional and so far I haven't seen too much from them but they've attended more births than I have.
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