The making of a good spouse

Lately I have been thinking about this - A LOT!
So I used my google fingers and well what do you know MOST of what I found was "How to be a good wife" and the like... I mean yes, I want to be a great wife and mother but now I want to know WHY AREN'T THERE SITES LIKE THIS FOR MEN????

On the sites for being a good wife here are some points that I picked out as my "favorites?" - ones that should be for both sexes and unfortunately are mostly applied to women:
- Keep yourself in shape and looking nice for him
- Keep your home tidy and always have clean work clothes for him (not just for housewives)
- Don't nag him
- Allow him "guy time" or alone time
- Listen to what he has to say without interrupting
- Don't argue - even if you know you are right
- Don't deny him sex

Now these are just a few that I came across that I thought should be gender neutral - I mean I love my husband, He is an excellent father and all of that BUT would it kill him to do the dishes just once in a while or how about putting his washing IN the hamper and not next to it?

We both work full time PLUS I study and I have an "at home business" - making specialty cakes and cupcakes AND I do almost all the housework (He does the trash).

This is not a post to trash my hubby though because I do think he is great - I just have little pet peeves like we all do.

So what in your opinion is the making of a good spouse - male or female? Because I'm pretty sure there are things I could do better too.

The making of a good spouse
I totally agree with that. I wonder if maybe you're just thinking in more feminine terms? I've read quite a few how to be a good husband articles, but it does seem that the how to be a good wife ones are more frequently around the web. Why do you think that is?
To be honest I truly think that because as women we care more about making everyone else happy.

We put our husbands, children, friends before ourselves day to day and so when things get hard we think we have to change ourselves to be good enough again.

I talked to my husband about it - especially after becoming a SAHM and housewife the whole dynamic of our relationship changed - I felt like I was his mother as well as his wife.

This time round though (I stop working in 6 weeks) we had a conversation about our expectations for each other (Mine: Put your breakfast bowl in the dishwasher or rinse it out/ put your washing in the hamper and realise that I have a hard day too! Ill be looking after 5 kids and doing my cake business so it will be full on.,.... His - Just love me as much hen as you do now.)
    Interesting. I think it definitely depends on the couple. Not everything listed above would work for us.