What are your favorite summer activities?

Do you like swimming or the beach? How about watching the fireflies (or lightning bugs as we say around here, lol)?

My favorite is staying the heck out of the sun lol. I'm not much of a summer person, but I do like Pina Coladas. ;)

What's your favorite summer activity? (And is the lightning bug thing really only around here? I always hear other people say fireflies, lol)

    BBQ's, Bonfires, camping, fishing, riding(quads), drive-in.

    But, I do keep out of the sun for the most part. Gives me headaches.
    I LOVE pina colada's! Now i'm craving. hehe

    Cannot wait for the FALL! ♥
    Ah, bonfires! I can't wait to have a chilly night air bonfire. Have you ever added those lil packets you can get from walmart that turn your fire blue and green?
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