Fertility Tea?!?

Okay, a few of the ladies have suggested some fertility tea, & I was wondering if anyone could tell me a little bit about it...how bad does it taste (which if it works I don't care how horrible it is), but how bad does it taste, does it work, how long did it take you to get pregnant while using it, when do you start using it? Ya know just anything you can tell me about it. My husband & I will be married 5yrs Friday & have been trying ever since we got married to have a baby & it hasn't happened. I'm trying not to give up hope, but it's really getting hard not to just give up. After 5yrs of not getting pregnant, & us both going to the doctor to be told we're both fine...it's really starting to be depressing. We want nothing more than a family of our own, & any suggestions you have would be GREATLY appreciated. Thank You!!!

    8Theresa Gould
    Sorry I don't have any experience with it. Hoping someone chimes in who does.
      If I could drink Fertili-Tea all the time, I would. I'm a total tea nerd and it's one of THE tastiest I've drank. Especially iced with strawberries in it. I got pregnant the first month I used it after years of trying w/ no luck.
        I ordered some fertility pills called OvaBoost to try out because no one had been able to tell me much about the tea...I love sweet sweet tea (it's a Southern thing) lol & my husband was like you know that tea probably taste horrible lol so I got the pills...but still thinking about getting the tea now...I wonder if it's okay to mix the tea with the pills? I mean I don't see why it wouldn't since the tea says it's all natural herbs...what do you think Cassaundra Owens?
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        I've been w/my husband almost 7yrs & married for almost 6. We'd been trying since we got married to have a baby, & it just wasn't happening. We had both went to the doctor & nothing was wrong w/either of us. I had given up, but now we are finally pregnant.