Hmmm, decisions...

My friend is due the end of November and is having her shower in a couple weeks. I will be 38.5 weeks at that point (assuming I haven't already had the baby). I really want to go since I haven't seen her since high school, but she's about 45 minutes from my hospital/house and I'm nervous about starting labor while there and alone. I am hoping my mom can come get me for it and drive me to and from, just in case... Or should I just scrap the idea of going at all? If my husband is off work that weekend, he could drop me off and go hang out at my parents house for a few hours and be available if anything started happening... But I don't know his schedule that far ahead....

    I'd say go. Just make sure hubby knows where you are and set it up with mom or hubby or a friend to be able to come get you just in case. I live 45 minutes from the nearest hospital and always have hours of light contractions before having to worry about going.
    I understand! I was nervous when I was pregnant with my son because we had one car, hubby worked in the city 45 minutes away for 10 hour shifts and my labors go quick.
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