Child Mark Tests

I just found this great site that lets you take a quiz to see where your child is developmentally and gives you activities for their specific level. It's for any child from birth through preschool. When you take the test it takes into account their actual age and asks questions about what they can or can't do. Then it tells you their developmental age.

For example Avery is 1yr 2mo but her scores say her developmental age is 1yr 6mo. Then it gives you a PDF of different activities you can do with them during this month. The activities are specific for the way your child scored. They give you an activity to build physical, cognitive, language, and social skills. The activity for each one is chosen based on how you answered the questions so they match exactly what your kid is ready for/needs.

The best part is it's totally FREE and it seems pretty accurate. You should go check it out!

    I did the test for my 1yr 2mo old and she scored at a 11 mo development level. :-(
    A really good test though. Definitely will start on those activities it gives you.
      Melissa Middleton
      It said my son was a month and a half ahead. I knew he was verbally and socially but I was concerned with his physical development.
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