things your S/O should not say after baby

we just recently got a gabes and with the low price of clothing and such we snagged a few items i mention how i dont want to buy alot cuz i still have tons of clothes that i am almost back into from before birth. he replies with "you know you may never get your shape back, even if you get back to that pre baby weight. i mean your hips did spread.there may be no going back from that" thank you hunny as i paste a wide load sign on my hips and rear! lol in all fairness i will give him points for wanting to buy my clothes and not being snarky.

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      Melissa Middleton
      I'm with Brandeon this. I would have told my hubby a few things as well if he said that to me. Lol Men can say some rather "stupid" comments sometimes. I know my hubby tends to.
        8Theresa Gould
        In all fairness to him, he could be right in some ways because we change shape, even moms who have got back to their normal weight have said that. But I totally get where you are coming from, it's still too soon and not something we want to hear.
          he really was not tryna be cruel. he is a sweetie a bit dense at times. he first met me when i weighed almost 400lbs and tried to date me then and i was not having it a few years and few hundred lbs later we reconnected and fell and always told me he missed my curves and loved me then as he loves me now. so i know its whatever to him but as up and down as my weight has been he should know i go spastic! lol
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