How much would you spend on a diaper bag.

I have been using the KP diaper bag and sometimes switching to one of my tote bags. But now I think I should invest in a good and spacious bag, that is useful as well as trendy.

I found a really cute one online…

But seems pricy what do u ladies think. Is it worth it?

Moms Expertise
    Mine was on sale and I got it for under $20. Its a Jeep the car. Lots of organizing pockets and very sturdy canvas. I love it, I love it more because my husband doesn't mind carrying it because it doesn't look like a purse. Lol
      I wouldn't pay over $50 for one. I try for good brand, durable and matches me. You just are paying for the name when you buy expensive pretty much. But, that's just me! :)
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