OMG this does not seem real IPad stolen

we went into Walmart and when we came out Meghan's IPad that was sitting on the front seat was gone :( OMG ^-^ I feel sick to my stomach and there is no way of knowing who stole it

    8Theresa Gould
    Awww....I'm so sorry. :( Would car insurance cover theft of items in your vehicle? Not sure it would be worth it if you have a high deductible but it might be worth looking into at least.
      Ah that's awful! Hugs!
        I do know that your car insurance will not cover it but if you have home owners or renters insurance they will. Our car got broken into when we moved and almost everything we owned got stolen but even with comprehensive insurance on the car it wouldn't cover any electronics or items from the home, only damages to the car. Since we were moving we didn't have the old renters insurance policy still in place.
          Alyssa Martinez
          try tracking it with your icloud
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