Ever Changing..

Mamas.. I am sure you can relate.. but I ALWAYS feel like things are changing, no schedule stays the same for long, no routine stays set in place for long - these babies grow and change so much, thus do our own adult routines, gah! I kind of have a hard time handling this, has anyone else? I work from home, so I have to work around Monroe being with me all the time.. this sometimes means little sleep, lots of housework, just a ton of juggling.. how do you deal with this? I am starting to crave routine and it's just hard to come by.

    Ever Lopez
    I used to be like that when i was pregnant with my 1st son, i was working for the NYPD so that was my career for many yrs and i wanted to keep it that way so i was writting things down making schedule with date times ect. but then the baby came the routine stood tall for at least 5 month after i got prego again and i did try to keep up but i just couldn't i had to be in bed rest at 5 month had to go on MELD from work early and my husband he don't follow routines he just go with the flow..lol.. so i became like him for a little while but know that i'm having baby #3 and my oldest is 2 i'm becoming a routine freak once again I guess like i'm home at all times things need to get back to my normal!!
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