Comet is getting closer to calving....we think!

We are new to owning cows. It has only been since April of 2013 that we have owned a cow. In April of this year we bought our second one, a heifer, who was pregnant with her first calf. She is due in September. However, and this is going to get into the details of cow pregnancy and birth so if you are not interested feel free to skip this...anyhoo....

On Sunday our daughters noticed Comet was getting "loose" on her back end, her vagina and her udder was getting bigger. This morning they noticed she had some bloody mucous indicating she had lost her mucous plug. There are also some other signs that I am forgetting the proper terms for as far as her body goes but it all points to labor and her getting ready to giving birth. So we are excited and anxious. The girls have been checking Comet multiple times so here's to hoping we have a calf sooner rather than later! It's honestly like waiting for a baby to be born!

8Theresa GouldChicago, Illinois
    Oh that would be exciting! Hopefully it will be here soon!
    8Theresa Gould
    Yes, it is driving us mad to be honest. B keeps asking me when I think Comet will give birth...I would have thought she would have already with her losing her mucous plug but she isn't a human so we wait!
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