Birthday Gift From Baby?

Mamas! My husband's 30th birthday is THIS Friday! Hooray!

Quick question.. other than adding his name to the card, do you/did you get something from your baby for your husband? Help! hehe

    Ever Lopez
    yes i had for the last 2 birthday the 1st time i got him a scratchy ticket and just taped it to Ozzie's diaper and he won $100, the 2nd time i did a beer cake ( made out of beer cans) and place it in a corner of the baby crib in the AM he goes every morning to check on the babies before heading to the restroom so it worked out!!! BUT DO SOMETHING HE LOVE!
      I will be having Selena help me make a present for her daddy's b-day in October, probably do her hand prints on a mug.
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