Bad haircut?

I usually cut my kids hair, but Mini decided she wanted her hair cut at the salon for back to school. Ok, fine. No big deal.

Except the woman didn't do what I told her my daughter likes. My daughter was feeling sick to her stomach and wanted to leave quickly so she wasn't about to complain. I was not impressed that I had to pay $20 form something I could have done in five minutes.

Have you or your kids ever had a haircut that just disappointed you? How did you handle it?

    Oh man I have had SO many bad haircuts! lol My Mom used to cut my hair and it was awful...then I went to Beauty School...yeah...I don't look at pictures of me from that time very fondly! lol
    Oh geeze! It always makes me mad when people don't cut hair right. lol I say if she likes it and doesn't notice then don't say anything! lol
    Yeah I would leave that one alone! lol
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