I'm Happy To Be Back!

Well I'm very excited to be back on Moms.com after a few insanely busy weeks. I was moving, my grandpa become Ill so i had to fly across the country last minute and many other things. I am now in a new place a much bigger home and my son and dogs love it. We have a playroom for Jacob and he is in love with it. In the past two month Jacob has changed completely. He started to crawl, talk (dada, mama & nana) pull up on things and test his balance and to top it off today he started to pull up on the couch and walk along it as he was holding on with one hand. How is everyone else doing?

    8Theresa Gould
    Glad to have you back, Amanda Westmoreland! How is your grandpa?

    Sounds like your move was a success and hit with Jacob, good to hear you are enjoying your new home!

    We have been in slow mode here since we have been sick the past two weeks, well three for my husband and B (who seems to be over it now). But I've attended two births, baby boys were born to both moms and all are doing great. Other than that just plugging along at every day work and parenting.
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